Compare Bitdefender and Avast


Bitdefender and Avast both protect against traditional computer viruses, spyware, ransomware, Trojan horses, phishing attacks and other malware threats. Both are renowned for their exceptional performance in independent industry tests with top scores, and minimal fake positives. Both offer other security options, including email security and anti-spam.

Both programs offer a high level of customer support. Bitdefender however, offers various options for support including live chat, email and an expert community. This makes it much easier to get help with any issue. They also have an extensive knowledge base that offers answers to many common questions.

If you’re seeking the best overall security, we recommend using Bitdefender. Its comprehensive feature list includes a Wi-Fi Inspector, VPN, password manager and many more. Its light software does not impact the performance of your PC and is user-friendly. On the other the other hand, Avast is a little slower to respond to incoming threats and takes longer to conduct a full scan than Bitdefender.

Both have a nice user interface that is easy to use. Bitdefender is more user-friendly and has a more, modern design than Avast. Avast tends to show lots of opportunities for upselling, which may be distracting to certain users. Regarding price both are competitive and offer great value for price. Both offer a free version that has limited options, as well as paid subscriptions that include a larger list of features.



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